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Chris' Rescue Angels is incorporated under the laws of the State of Missouri, that was formed in December 2006 by a group of experienced members of the rescue community. We combined our knowledge, skills and friendships to form an organization dedicated to helping small breed dogs in need. We exist to save the throwaways, the strays, the owner turn-ins,  the commercial breeder survivor, the shelter dogs close to euthanasia - we will speak for those who have no voice. We are committed to rehabilitating, socializing, getting proper medical care, and finding excellent homes for the small dogs we have taken under our wings. The organization that started as a group of friends with a common goal has become a family with a purpose. We rescue, we rehabilitate, we educate, we love what we do and we have our own "Guardian Angel" who helps from afar. Please see our "Remembering Chris" page on this site.

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Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!

Order a new collar and leash, an "Udder tug", or a "rescue ribbon" for your car - and 10-50% of your purchase will go to Chris' Rescue Angels.

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Chris’ Rescue Angels Mission Statement:

*      To help small dogs in need of assistance whether they are strays, breeder turn-ins, owner surrenders, abandoned, abused, or neglected dogs.

*       To place them in a foster home where their medical needs will be met including spay or neuter.

*       To socialize, rehabilitate, and adopt the dogs to appropriate forever homes.

*       To educate the public regarding the responsibilities of pet ownership, the importance of spay/neuter, proper nutrition for dogs, necessary vet care, and teaching young people safe behavior around dogs.